Ways to reduce the acrylamide formation in cracker products

https://doi.org/10.17221/10603-CJFSCitation:M. Vass, T. M. Amrein, B. Schönbächler, F. Escher, R. Amadò (2004): Ways to reduce the acrylamide formation in cracker products. Czech J. Food Sci., 22: 19-21.
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The sources of reducing sugars and free asparagine of two different cracker products were identified, and
acrylamide formation during baking was measured. The application of an asparaginase decreased the acrylamide
content by at least 70% in both products. Replacing ammonium hydrogencarbonate by sodium hydrogencarbonate
as baking agent and replacing reducing sugars by sucrose resulted in almost 80% less acrylamide in the wheat
cracker. Decreasing free asparagine and reducing sugars in the ingredients and a lower end-temperature during
baking lowered the acrylamide content of the potato cracker by about 50%.

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