Changes of furanocoumarins content in vegetables during storage Botek, V. Schulzová, R. Peroutka, J. Hajšlová (2004): Changes of furanocoumarins content in vegetables during storage. Czech J. Food Sci., 22: 219-222.
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Long term experiments, which simulated storage of celery (Apium graveolens) under industrial (airconditioned
store)/household (common cellar) conditions, were carried out. Several celery cultivars from both
organic and/or conventional production were monitored for furanocoumarins levels for 16–26 weeks. The increase
of furanocoumarin concentrations during the storage of all the tested celery cultivars was observed, nevertheless,
the extent of toxicants accumulation differed among tested cultivars. The changes of furanocoumarin levels occurring
during processing of vegetables were studied, too. Levels of both linear (psoralen, bergapten, xanthotoxin,
trioxsalen, isopimpinellin) and angular (angelicin, sphondin, isobergapten) furanocoumarins in tested vegetable
were determined by validated GC/MS (SIM) method. The detection limits (LODs) obtained by this analytical
method were around 0.003 mg/kg.

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