Influence of dough ingredients on 3-Mcpd formation in toast M. Breitling-Utzmann, H. Hrenn, N. U. Haase, G. M. Unbehend (2004): Influence of dough ingredients on 3-Mcpd formation in toast. Czech J. Food Sci., 22: 25-28.
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The influences of both traditional dough ingredients like fat and salt and a commercially used baking
agent on the formation of 3-chloropropane-1,2-diol (3-MCPD) during toasting of bread were investigated. Whereas
varying the fat or salt contents within technologically practicable limits showed negligible effects on 3-MCPD
formation, the baking agent turned out to have a crucial impact on generating 3-MCPD in toasted bread slices.
We found considerable evidence that the baking agent’s main component saccharose was the major cause for its
boosting the 3-MCPD formation. Emulsifiers like mono- and diacylglycerols or lecithin did not have any significant
influence. 3-MCPD formation showed good correlation with the degree of browning of the bread slices; their
3-MCPD content increased exponentially towards dark brown coloured toasts. The relative proportions between
3-MCPD and 2-MCPD were an average of 3:1 in all samples. Dichloropropanols like e.g. 1,3-dichloropropan-2-ol
could not be detected.

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