Chloropropanols and their esters in cereal products G. Hamlet, P. A. Sadd (2004): Chloropropanols and their esters in cereal products . Czech J. Food Sci., 22: 259-262.
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Chloropropanols, in particular monochloropropanediols (MCPDs) are food contaminants that can form
in the high temperature crust region of cereal products. Previous studies have indicated that MCPD-esters may
be formed from a reaction between chloride ions and some lipids, although, to date, these compounds have not
been reported in cereal products. MCPD-esters were extracted into an organic solvent and cleaned up by a preparative
thin-layer chromatography procedure. Sample extracts were analysed using gas chromatography/mass
spectrometry (GC/MS) and the data compared with that obtained from a reference MCPD-ester, prepared by a
custom synthesis. A faster method using enzyme hydrolysis and GC/MS showed that MCPD-esters could also be
determined as the amount of 3-MCPD released by a commercial lipase from Aspergillus oryzae. Under the conditions
of enzyme hydrolysis, model system studies indicated that low levels of MCPDs might also be generated
by a lipase catalysed reaction between short chain triacylglycerols and chloride ions.

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