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Research in Agricultural Engineering (RAE)

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  • An international peer-reviewed journal published under the auspices of the Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences and financed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic. Published since 1954 (by 1999 under the title Zemědělská technika)
  • The journal is administered by an international Editorial Board
  • Editor-in-Chief: Ing. Zdeněk Pastorek, CSc., prof.hc.
  • Executive Editor: Ing. Eva Karská
  • The journal is published quarterly
  • Publication in the RAE is free of charge

Thematic scope

original scientific papers, short communications, information, and studies covering all areas of agricultural engineering, agricultural technology, processing of agricultural products, countryside buildings and related problems from ecology, energetics, economy, ergonomy and applied physics and chemistry. Papers are published in English.

Current issue

Original Paper
Juraj Tulík, Ľubomir Hujo, Jan Kosiba, Juraj Jablonický, Michela Jánošová

Evaluation of new biodegradable fluid on the basis  of accelerated durability test, FTIR and ICP spectroscopy

Res. Agr. Eng., 63 (2017): 1-9abstractfulltext
Original Paper
Martin Libra*, Vladislav Poulek, Pavel Kouřím

Temperature changes of I-V characteristics of photovoltaic cells as a consequence of the Fermi energy level shift

Res. Agr. Eng., 63 (2017): 10-15abstractfulltext
Original Paper
Jan Malaťák*, Jiří Bradna

Heating and emission properties of waste biomass in burner furnace

Res. Agr. Eng., 63 (2017): 16-22abstractfulltext
Original Paper
Nisanath Kaewwinud, Porntep Khokhajaikiat, Apichart Boonma

Effect of moisture and region of cut on cassava stalk properties in biomass applications

Res. Agr. Eng., 63 (2017): 23-28abstract
Ademola Ajayi-Banji*, Ayo Ogunlela, Gbolabo Ogunwande

Investigation of locust bean husk char adsorbability in heavy metal removal

Res. Agr. Eng., 63 (2017): 29-35abstract
Original Paper
Miroslav Müller

Analysis of production parameters of single-lap bonds adhesive bonded with composites based on aluminium filler 

Res. Agr. Eng., 63 (2017): 36-44abstractfulltext