Intensity of ICT use by managers of agricultural enterprises L., Romanova A., Bolek V., Zelina M. (2017): Intensity of ICT use by managers of agricultural enterprises. Agric. Econ. – Czech, 63: 485-492.
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The growing importance and relevance of ICT in business increases the dependence of business entities on ICTs, to which the managers of agricultural enterprises need to pay the necessary attention. The penetration of ICTs also affects the companies that do business in the area of agriculture. High quality and accessible information today has a strategic economic and social importance for the management of this sector; therefore, the use of ICTs by the company managers is becoming an essential part of their daily lives. In their work, the managers of agricultural enterprises most often use a personal computer. The intensity of the laptop use is increasing and thanks to the mobility and connectivity, smartphones are also getting ahead. The use of these devices closely involves operating and application software. The most popular operating system is Windows. In terms of applications, the managers most often use the most popular package MS Office. The research involves an analysis of the intensity of the ICT use by managers with emphasis on agricultural enterprises in the Slovak Republic. The scientific article presents the results of an implemented survey focusing on the intensity of the ICT use by managers and the verification of the hypothesis of a significant influence of a manager’s job position on the intensity of the ICT use in the company.  

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