Estimating the social value of multifunctional agriculture (MFA) with choice experiment H. (2020): Estimating the social value of multifunctional agriculture (MFA) with choice experiment. Agric. Econ. – Czech, 66: 120-128.
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The convergence policy in agriculture, existing in many forms, has globally become one of the main concepts in agricultural development with the "sixth industrial movement" in South Korea and Japan; the multifunctional agriculture (MFA) policies proposed by van der Ploeg and Roep being good examples. The goal of this study is to test three hypotheses through the economic valuation of MFA. In the first part of the research, the importance of agricultural production activity and the core element of the rural complex were evaluated. In the second part, an assessment of three strategies of MFA and its eleven specific attributes was conducted. In the third part, the applicability of the triangular policy of van der Ploeg’s strategic frameworks of MFA was analysed.

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