Multicriteria assessment of Czech farmsšková Z., Lekešová M., Hlaváčová M., Pánková L. (2020): Multicriteria assessment of Czech farms. Agric. Econ. – Czech, 66: 101-111.
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This paper describes a methodology for assessing farms that considers the multi-functionality derived from the requirements and expectations of the agricultural sector. To this end an original, multicriteria method was developed for assessing farms based on their individual data. Five dimensions were assessed (production, economic, financial stability, environmental, social & other), representing the most important aspects of farming. The overall assessment based on these five dimensions aims to express the total sustainability rate of the farms. The methodology used to develop this assessment is described. The results of the assessment for 2016 are presented and classified according to various factors and are linked to other important indicators. The data used is from the Farm Accountancy Data Network database in the Czech Republic.

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