Innovative approaches to management with emphasis on soft factors and their impact on the efficiency of agribusiness companiesá N., Remeňová K., Skorková Z., Némethová I. (2019): Innovative approaches to management with emphasis on soft factors and their impact on the efficiency of agribusiness companies. Agric. Econ. – Czech, 65: 203-211.
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This paper represents a wider research aimed at the examination of innovative approaches to management and their impact on the competitiveness and success of companies in a globalised world economy. Its main objective is to evaluate perceived importance of these approaches with emphasis on soft factors in agribusiness companies in Slovakia in terms of methods and tools used in the implementation of individual management functions, as well as in terms of the frequency of their applications, and their impact on the efficiency of these companies. However, a research gap has been identified in the existing literature on primary agribusiness companies. To improve their position, farmers should not only passively respond to many external factors that are of course important in this sector but should also be proactive and innovative in their management methods and practices. A questionnaire research has been conducted in agribusiness companies in Slovakia. The obtained results highlight the significance of hard factors in the utilisation of management tools. Moreover, soft factors have positively affected economic results. Innovativeness has been identified in leadership functions, where a significant link has been found between the transformation style of leadership and the importance of soft factors in transformational management.

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