What is the impact of corporate governance on the food industry at different thresholds of internationalization? A review


Chou C.-H., Lee J.-M., Teng Y.-M., Lee H.-L. (2021): What is the impact of corporate governance on the food industry at different thresholds of internationalization? A review. Agric. Econ. – Czech, 67: 21–32.

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This research analyzes the dynamic effects of corporate governance, research and development (R&D) innovation, and financial policy on firm business performance under different internationalization threshold structures in Taiwan's food industry during the 2008–2019 period. The results illustrate R&D innovation's negative impact on business performance and the collateralization ratio by directors also has a negative influence. Conversely, the findings reveal that by considering the internationalization threshold effect, at a level of high internationalization, firms have positive influences on R&D innovation, and financial policy has a positive influence on business performance.

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