The performance measurement of listed companies of the agribusiness sector on the stock exchange of Thailand R., Peng K., Maichum K. (2017): The performance measurement of listed companies of the agribusiness sector on the stock exchange of Thailand. Agric. Econ. – Czech, 63: 234-245.
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Listed companies in the agribusiness sector of the stock exchange play a key role in driving the economic system of Thailand. They have an important role in terms of being the producers of agricultural commodities by covering all products from the upstream to downstream. The performance measurements of listed companies contain important information for forecasting the trends of agricultural production and yield. The paper studied and considered much of the literature on the performance measurement of organizations to look for relative variables and the optimal methodology. The study used panel data from 2011–2014, which collected the listed annual companies’ statements. The aim of the study was to employ the Slacks Based Measure context-dependent Data Envelopment Analysis (SBM context-dependent DEA) for evaluating the efficiency in Decision Making Units (DMUs). The SBM context-dependent DEA was used to measure the performance of listed companies by employing attractiveness and progress scores. The results showed that when a listed company has a higher attractiveness and lower progress score, it has a better performance than its competitors and does not need to improve its efficiency. Therefore, the empirical results of the study can help farmers and governments to realize the trends of agricultural productivity and also help the listed companies to understand the characteristics of their competitors, leading to improvements in their organizations.  
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