Mobile accessibility expense analysis of the agrarian WWW portal P., Vanek J., Stoces M., Jarolimek J., Pavlik J. (2017): Mobile accessibility expense analysis of the agrarian WWW portal  . Agric. Econ. – Czech, 63: 197-203.
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The article analyses the potential expenditures that would be required in order to make the agrarian web information source (the areas of agriculture, food industry, forestry, water management) accessible from the mobile devices. The following approaches were analysed: creating of the responsive layout for mobile web browsers, creating a native application for the Android platform, and creating three native applications in the cross platform environment for the Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The experimental evaluation was performed using the Agrarian WWW portal AGRIS (, which is one of the most visited online information source in the Czech Republic for covering the areas of agriculture, regional, and countryside development.    
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