Statistical analysis of factors influencing the results of enterprises in dairy industry Z., Boberova B., Horakova T., Smutka L. (2017): Statistical analysis of factors influencing the results of enterprises in dairy industry. Agric. Econ. – Czech, 63: 259-270.
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The article deals with companies processing and producing dairy products and cheeses in the Czech market. The dairy industry is a crucial field among the production of food products. On March 31, 2015 the milk quotas were cancelled. The impacts of their cancelation can bring danger for the dairy business but also provide some opportunities. Therefore it is important that businesses are economically powerful and so are able to strengthen their competitive position. This article aims to analyse businesses to identify vulnerable groups of businesses and those groups whose welfare is not essentially jeopardized. Partially, the aim is to assess whether there are significant differences in economic indicators among enterprises of the dairy industry (divided according to their size, ownership and subsidy drawing). At the same time the aim is to find groups of dairy businesses from the set which are similar to each other and which differ from other groups of companies and thus set their position in the Czech market. Over all there were 35 dairy milk businesses analysed in 2013. There were statistically significant differences in some economic indicators among corporations considering drawing grants, size, ownership structure and binding to primary production. According to the cluster analysis the large companies with foreign ownership can be considered as a potential threat and may affect the position and competitiveness of other businesses. The results indicate the endangered position of Czech medium-sized businesses as well as opportunities for stabilizing small businesses which specialize closely.  

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