Benefits of the LEADER method for Local Agenda 21 – Case study from their application in the Czech Republic

Kostalova J., Vavra J. (2021): Benefits of the LEADER method for Local Agenda 21 – Case study from their application in the Czech Republic. Agric. Econ. – Czech, 67: 246–254.

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The basic characteristic and comparison of the community-led local development tools: Local Agenda 21, used in public administration generally, and of the LEADER method, used within Local Action Groups (LAGs), is presented in this paper. It analyses their application in the Czech Republic. It discusses the potential synergistic effects of the application of these tools in two rural locations – the areas of two towns (Chrudim and Litomerice), which are leaders in the application of Local Agenda 21 in the Czech Republic. Both towns are members of LAGs – LAG Chrudimsko and LAG Ceske Stredohori. This combination of Local Agenda 21 and LEADER method are mutually supportive. The conclusion discusses recommendations for the improvement of community-led development.

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