Price volatility of milk and dairy products in Poland after accession to the EU

Bórawski P., Guth M., Parzonko A., Rokicki T., Perkowska A., Dunn J.W. (2021): Price volatility of milk and dairy products in Poland after accession to the EU. Agric. Econ. – Czech, 67: 111–119.

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Milk and dairy products help meet the nutritional needs of the population. The main goal of this research was to analyse price volatility of milk and dairy products in Poland after accession to the European Union (EU). Price is the main economic influencer. We used 161 monthly observations from 01. 2007 to 05. 2020 to analyse the price changes. To measure the volatility, we have used Augmented Dickey-Fuller test (ADF test), Autoregressive-Moving-Average model (ARMA model), and Granger test. Our research confirmed high volatility of milk and dairy products prices. The ARMA model confirmed that the dairy product prices are stationary. Milk, butter and Gouda cheese are also useful for forecasting.

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