Economic Impacts of Farmland Degradation in the Czech Republic – Case Study

To analyze the potential changes in soil characteristics and associated impacts on the land price, there was selected the region of South Moravia, strongly threatened by erosion and by claiming the most valuable land in suburban territories due to industrial and housing expansion. For the detailed analysis of the impacts of erosion and land appropriation in the region of South Moravia, the model territories Brno surroundings with municipality Dolni Herspice and Hustopece surroundings with municipality Starovice were selected. The price of land degraded by potential erosion in the South Moravian region fluctuates between 88 and 2,400 EUR.ha-1. In the past 180 years, 148 ha of agricultural land in the total value of 822,815 EUR have been built up in the study locality of Dolni Herspice. Further growth of the municipality should involve additional appropriation of agricultural land in a value of 411,000 EUR. In the studied land block of 100.5 ha size, belonged to Starovice municipality area, water erosion caused degradation in the total value of 92,000 EUR in the period 1978–2013. Extensive losses of fertile agricultural land are to be expected in the future. Their main causes are continuing land appropriation and degradation processes – soil erosion.

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