The role of natural conditions in qualified agritourism – case of Poland A., Poczta J. (2016): The role of natural conditions in qualified agritourism – case of Poland. Agric. Econ. – Czech, 62: 167-180.
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The article investigates the role of natural conditions in the development of the qualified form of rural tourism, which the authors define as qualified agritourism. The research hypothesis assumes that rural space, which is characterized by high natural conditions, complemented in sporting infrastructure, can support the development of qualified agritourism. The empirical survey examines the relationship between the sightseeing and natural conditions and the conditions for physical recreation occurring on agritourism farms in Poland. Further, the findings suggest that, in the opinion of the hosts and guests of agritourism farms, undertaking of physical recreational activity and its intensity are influenced by the favourable sightseeing and natural conditions, the number of offered forms of physical recreation and the availability of sports equipment.
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