Agric. Econ. – Czech, 48 (2002)

No. 4
Degrees of costs effectiveness
F. Střeleček, P. Kollar, J. Lososová, D. Kopta
Agric. Econ. – Czech, 48 (2002): 145-154abstractdownload PDF

Non-standard activities on farms in the Province of Zeeland in the Netherlands: an export base approach

W.J.M. Heijman, M.H. Hubregtse, J.A.C. van Ophem
Agric. Econ. – Czech, 48 (2002): 155-160abstractdownload PDF
Has the regulation of old debts in the successor companies proven worthwhile?
P. Hagelschuer, A. Häger
Agric. Econ. – Czech, 48 (2002): 161-165abstractdownload PDF
Agricultural co-operatives: perspectives for the 21st Century
B. Boučková
Agric. Econ. – Czech, 48 (2002): 166-170abstractdownload PDF
Approaches to the rural development problems in the European Union and in some of the Central and Eastern European countries
M. Vosejpková
Agric. Econ. – Czech, 48 (2002): 171-174abstractdownload PDF

Ethnocentrism and consumer evaluations of Czech made yoghurt

U.R. Orth, Z. Firbasová
Agric. Econ. – Czech, 48 (2002): 175-182abstractdownload PDF
Nutrition economics – important source of information
J. Hrubý
Agric. Econ. – Czech, 48 (2002): 183-188download PDF

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