Agric. Econ. – Czech, 52 (2006)

No. 5

Price levels convergence of consumer expenditures in the European Union 
M. Ševela
Agric. Econ. – Czech, 52 (2006): 197-204abstractdownload PDF

Analysis of the development of the economic account for agriculture of the Czech Republic

J. Klíma, M. Palát (Sn.)
Agric. Econ. – Czech, 52 (2006): 205-208abstractdownload PDF
Development assistance 
V. Jeníček, V. Krepl
Agric. Econ. – Czech, 52 (2006): 209-224abstractdownload PDF
Demand elasticities and price-cost margin ratios for grocery products in different socioeconomic groups
C. Akbay, E. Jones
Agric. Econ. – Czech, 52 (2006): 225-235abstractdownload PDF
The evaluation of the developments in food safety systems formation in the world for dairy industry from the standpoint ofTurke
N. Demirbaş, Ö. Karahan, Z. Kenanoğlu, C. Karagözlü
Agric. Econ. – Czech, 52 (2006): 236-243abstractdownload PDF
Rape methyl-esther as a renewable energy resource in transport
H. Součková
Agric. Econ. – Czech, 52 (2006): 244-249abstractdownload PDF

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