Agric. Econ. – Czech, 61 (2015)

No. 1

Original Paper
Change in the production efficiency of European specialized milk farming
Špička J., Machek O.
Agric. Econ. – Czech, 61 (2015): 1-13abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The costs of Age Management in agricultural companies
Urbancová H., Čermáková H.
Agric. Econ. – Czech, 61 (2015): 14-22abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Cross border protection of the clusters’ intellectual property in the agricultural sector
Kranjac M., Sikimić U., Vujaković M., Molnar I.
Agric. Econ. – Czech, 61 (2015): 23-30abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
A study on the agricultural value chain financing in India
Soundarrajan P., Vivek N.
Agric. Econ. – Czech, 61 (2015): 31-38abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Agricultural subsidy with capacity constraints and demand elasticity
Chen Y.-H., Wan J.-Y., Wang C.
Agric. Econ. – Czech, 61 (2015): 39-49abstractdownload PDF

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