Agric. Econ. – Czech, 62 (2016)

No. 3
Short Communication
Environmental and social value of agriculture innovation
M. Kubankova, M. Hajek, A. Votavova
Agric. Econ. – Czech, 62 (2016): 101-112abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Dynamic modelling in loss frequency and severity estimated: Evidence from the agricultural rice loss due to typhoons in Taiwan

Li-Hua Lai
Agric. Econ. – Czech, 62 (2016): 113-123abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Innovative approaches to examining consumer preferences when choosing wines
E. Horska, J. Bercik, A. Krasnodebski, R. Matysik-Pejas, H. Bakayova
Agric. Econ. – Czech, 62 (2016): 124-133abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Framework for assessing the farm relative sustainability: a Lithuanian case study
V. Vitunskiene, V. Dabkiene
Agric. Econ. – Czech, 62 (2016): 134-148abstractdownload PDF

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