Fleckscore system of exterior evaluation as a more accurate indirect predictor of longevity in Slovak Simmental dairy cows


Strapáková E., Strapák P., Candrák J., Pavlík I., Dočkalová, K. (2021): Fleckscore system of exterior evaluation as a more accurate indirect predictor of longevity in Slovak Simmental dairy cows. Czech J. Anim. Sci. 66 (2021): 487-494.

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The goal of the work was to discover the influence of conformation traits evaluated by the Fleckscore system on the length of productive life of Slovak Simmental dairy cows. Evaluation of body conformation traits according to the Fleckscore system was performed on 3 452 cows. The relationship of individual traits to longevity was analysed using the Weibull proportional hazard model. The results confirmed that smaller and longer cows, which were well muscular and with a deeper body, had a lower risk of early culling than cows in the reference group. Hock angularity, pastern and hoof height scored with low or high marks were associated with an early culling of cows. In terms of the length of productive life, a slightly more elastic pattern is required. Cows with a deeper udder and a stronger and tighter fore udder attachment, which were also average in notching and height central ligament and centrally placed teats, reached a longer productive life.


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