Effect of different dietary fibre sources on the zootechnical performance, feeding behaviour and intestinal physiology of growing and finishing pigs


Pichler J., Hemetsberger F., Buchberger M., Schwarz C., Schedle K. (2022): Effect of different dietary fibre sources on the zootechnical performance, feeding behaviour and intestinal physiology of growing and finishing pigs. Czech J. Anim. Sci., 67: 15–26.

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The aim of this study was to determine the effect of different sources of fibre in the diets of fattening pigs on performance, feeding behaviour and intestinal physiology. A total of 60 barrows and gilts (initial body weight 28.4 ± 0.4 kg) were allotted to four dietary treatments: control (CON), lignocellulose (LC), mycelium (MYC) and corn gluten feed (CGF). Diets were calculated to provide balanced available nutrient contents. Including MYC in the diet resulted in an increased average daily gain (< 0.05) compared to CON and CGF, and improved gain to feed ratio (< 0.05) compared to LC. Pigs in CON (< 0.05) ate the fewest but largest meals, whereas treatment CGF (< 0.05) showed the opposite effect, resulting in the same daily feeder occupation time. Regarding intestinal physiology, in ileum, no differences were observed between the contents of short chain fatty acids (SCFA), lactic acid and biogenic amines. In the colon, MYC showed an increased concentration of acetic acid (< 0.05) as well as the total content of SCFA (< 0.05), compared to LC and CGF. Distinct fermentation profiles of ammonia were recorded in ileal and colonic digesta, although contents remained below harmful concentrations. Morphometrical measurements showed differences between the fibre sources LC and MYC, as well as LC and the CON in all investigated gut sections. These results provide evidence that the inclusion of specific dietary fibre sources/contents can positively influence the gut morphology and performance of pigs. However, further studies are needed regarding the mode of action and physico-chemical characteristics of the different fibre sources as a precondition for their successful application in pig diets.

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