Effect of partial and complete substitution of lupin meal for soybean meal in diets on changes in fatty acid composition of muscle fat in broiler chickens


Kutlvašr M., Straková E., Suchý P., Všetičková L. (2022): Effect of partial and complete substitution of lupin meal for soybean meal in diets on changes in fatty acid composition of muscle fat in broiler chickens. Czech J. Anim. Sci. 198-207.

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The experiment aimed to determine the effect of 50% (LS50) or 100% (LS100) substitution of lupin protein (variety Zulika) for soybean protein in feed mixtures intended for the nutrition of broiler chickens, on muscular fat quality (composition of fatty acids). There were established three groups of chickens for fattening with 80 individuals each (control group C and experimental groups). After the 34-day fattening period chicken breast and thigh muscles were analysed to find out the fatty acid composition. Lupin protein-based diets had a positive effect on the muscle quality of fattened chickens due to changes in fatty acid composition, compared to soya protein-based diets. The feeding of lupin-based diets to broiler chickens resulted in the reduction of saturated fatty acids (P ≤ 0.05) by 14% in LS50 group and 17% in LS100 group and increase of unsaturated fatty acids (≤ 0.05) by 58% in LS50 group and 90% in LS100 group in muscle fat. The results clearly confirm that lupin-based diet increases the dietary value of chicken meat as one of the most important protein sources in human nutrition.

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