Czech J. Anim. Sci., 56 (2011)

No. 4

Relationship between the insertion/deletion polymorphism within the promoter and the intron 1 sequence of the PRNP gene and milk performance traits in cattle
Strychalski J., Czarnik U., Pierzchała M., Pareek C.S.:
Czech J. Anim. Sci., 56 (2011): 151-156abstractdownload PDF
Genetic parameters for linear type traits in Czech Holstein cattle
Němcová E., Štípková M., Zavadilová L.:
Czech J. Anim. Sci., 56 (2011): 157-162abstractdownload PDF
Intra-line and inter-line genetic diversity in sire lines of the Old Kladruber horse based on microsatellite analysis of DNA
Vostrý L., Kracíková O., Hofmanová B., Czerneková V., Kott T., Přibyl J.:
Czech J. Anim. Sci., 56 (2011): 163-175abstractdownload PDF
Effect of missense mutation Asp298Asn in MC4R on growth and fatness traits in commercial pig crosses in the Czech Republic
Dvořáková V., Stupka R., Šprysl M., Čítek J., Okrouhlá M., Kluzáková E., Kratochvílová H.:
Czech J. Anim. Sci., 56 (2011): 176-180abstractdownload PDF
Milk performance of dairy cows supplemented with rape seed oil, peanut oil, and sunflower seed oil
Dai X.J., Wang C., Zhu Q.:
Czech J. Anim. Sci., 56 (2011): 181-191abstractdownload PDF
Molecular profiling of bacterial species in the geese cecum
Liu B.Y., Wang Z.Y., Wang H.R., Hu P., Xu D., Wang Q.:
Czech J. Anim. Sci., 56 (2011): 192-203abstractdownload PDF

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