Czech J. Anim. Sci., 63 (2018)

No. 12

Original Paper

Chinese yellow cattle PPARA gene: Analyses of expression, polymorphism and trait association

N. Chen, Q. Zhang, J. Zhi, H. Guo, H. Gao, F. Li, J. Huang, C. Lei, H. Chen, Y. Ma
Czech J. Anim. Sci., 63 (2018): 473-482abstractdownload PDFsupplementary material
Original Paper

Growth performance, carcass traits, blood parameters, rumen enzymes, and fattening earnings of cattle fed corn silage/corn stalk silage based finishing diets

L. He, H. Wu, Q. Meng, Z. Zhou
Czech J. Anim. Sci., 63 (2018): 483-491abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Genomic evaluation and variance component estimation of additive and dominance effects using single nucleotide polymorphism markers in heterogeneous stock mice

M. Mahdavi, G.R. Dashab, M. Vafaye Valeh, M. Rokouei, M. Sargolzaei
Czech J. Anim. Sci., 63 (2018): 492-506abstractdownload PDFsupplementary material
Original Paper

Pedigree structure of American bison (Bison bison) population

E. Skotarczak, P. Ćwiertnia, T. Szwaczkowski
Czech J. Anim. Sci., 63 (2018): 507-517abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Performance and changes in body composition of broiler chickens depending on feeding regime and sex

E. Tůmová, D. Chodová
Czech J. Anim. Sci., 63 (2018): 518-525abstractdownload PDF

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