Effects of dietary supplementation of chitosan on immune and antioxidative function in beef cattle

https://doi.org/10.17221/7910-CJASCitation:Li T., Na R., Yu P., Shi B., Yan S., Zhao Y., Xu Y. (2015): Effects of dietary supplementation of chitosan on immune and antioxidative function in beef cattle. Czech J. Anim. Sci., 60: 38-44.
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The present experiment was conducted to study the effects of chitosan (CHI) on immune and antioxidative function in beef cattle. A total of 24 fattening Simmental cattle with similar body weight and age were divided randomly into three dietary groups, and the three diets contained 0, 500, and 1000 mg/kg CHI, respectively. The feeding trial lasted for 84 days. It was found that: (1) the addition of CHI in diets improved (P < 0.05) the levels of IgA and interleukin-1, and decreased (P < 0.1) the levels of soluble cluster of differentiation 4 receptor in serum at middle stage except that IgA remained unchanged in 1000 mg/kg CHI group. The levels of IgM and IgA tended to be increased (P < 0.1) by dietary CHI at later stage of the experiment; (2) the addition of 500 mg/kg CHI in diets increased (P < 0.1) total superoxide dismutase activity and decreased (< 0.05) malondialdehyde content in serum at early and later stages, respectively. In conclusion, these results indicated that addition of 500 mg/kg CHI affected humoral and cellular immune responses, and improved the antioxidative function of beef cattle.
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