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  • An international peer-reviewed journal published by the Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences and financed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic.
  • Published since 1955 (by 1997 under the title Živočišná výroba)
  • The journal is administered by an international Editorial Board
  • Editor-in-Chief: prof. Ing. Eva Tůmová, CSc.
  • Co-editors: prof. Ing. Milan Marounek, DrSc., doc. Ing. Luděk Stádník, Ph.D., prof. Ing. Antonín Stratil, DrSc., Ing. Ludmila Zavadilová, CSc., Ing. Kateřina Kheilová, Ph.D.
  • Executive Editor:  Ing. Gabriela Vladyková
  • The journal is published monthly

Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences changed to double-blind reviewing
The Publishing Board of the CAAS is pleased to announce its movement to a double-blind review process  (November 1, 2018). 
Change of  the online submission system !!
Dear authors, reviewers, editors and co-editors,
this is to inform you that as of May 24, 2018 the journal Czech Journal of Animal Science starts to use the editorial system that is used by all other journals published by the Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences as the time has come that all has to be under one umbrella to make the entire administration unified and easier.  It will be a major change for the editors as well and we hope the transition will be as painless as possible. Nevertheless, your cooperation and patience will be appreciated. 
For submissions – please use “New Submission/Login on this site.
For the status of  manuscripts submitted until the May 23, 2018, please

Thematic scope

Original scientific papers and invited critical reviews covering all areas of genetics and breeding, physiology, reproduction, nutrition and feeds, technology, ethology and economics of cattle, pig, sheep, goat, poultry, fish and other farm animal management. Papers are published in English.

Current issue

Original Paper

Effect of the composition of starter diet fed in the rearing phase on the performance and certain physiological parameters of Holstein calves

Szandra Tóth, Melinda Kovács, Brigitta Bóta, Judit Szabó-Fodor, Gábor Bakos, Hedvig Fébel
Czech J. Anim. Sci., 64 (2019): 367-376abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Genotype imputation strategies for Portuguese Holstein cattle using different SNP panels

Alessandra Silva, Fabyano Silva, Delvan Silva, Hugo Silva, Cláudio Costa, Paulo Lopes, Renata Veroneze, Gertrude Thompson, Julio Carvalheira
Czech J. Anim. Sci., 64 (2019): 377-386abstractdownload PDFsupplementary material
Original Paper

Effect of probiotic Clostridium butyricum CBM 588 on microbiota and growth performance of broiler chickens

Roman Svejstil, Vladimir Plachy, Miroslav Joch, Hana Salmonova, Dagmar Duskova, Veerle Hautekiet, Eva Vlkova
Czech J. Anim. Sci., 64 (2019): 387-394abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Egg yolk colour and retinol concentration of eggs from laying hens fed diets containing carrot and beetroot meal

Laura Aline Zanelatto Souza, Heder José D’Avila Lima, Renata Aparecida Martins, Andrey Sávio Almeida Assunção, Donaldo Antônio Nunes Junior, Willian Ferreira Silva, Felipe Gomes Silva
Czech J. Anim. Sci., 64 (2019): 395-403abstractdownload PDF

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