Gluten-free food – the influence of selected qualitative characteristics on consumer decision making of coeliacs in hospitality establishmentsŠálková D., Hes A. (2015): Gluten-free food – the influence of selected qualitative characteristics on consumer decision making of coeliacs in hospitality establishments. Czech J. Food Sci., 33: 513-517.
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The perceptions of individuals with coeliac disease about gluten-free products and their consumer behaviour when eating out in hospitality establishments in the Czech Republic were investigated. The dependence of the selected characters important in the consumer behaviour of coeliac patients in the decision-making process when choosing a dining establishment, in particular the focus on identifying the key criteria that influence the decision-making of coeliac patients when selecting a particular public catering establishment, were examined. 441 questionnaires were analysed. The result is a finding of the consistency and relevance of characters in the decision-making process of coeliacs when selecting dining establishments and their satisfaction with the range of gluten-free foods in open and closed dining establishments in the Czech Republic. Deglutenised foods (raw ingredients) are very expensive and a structured and economically balanced range of processed products should be found in the hospitality industry with the acceptance of the purchasing power of their consumers.
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