Optimisation of oil extraction from quinoa seeds with supercritical carbon dioxide with co-solvents

https://doi.org/10.17221/122/2017-CJFSCitation:Wejnerowska G., Ciaciuch A. (2018): Optimisation of oil extraction from quinoa seeds with supercritical carbon dioxide with co-solvents. Czech J. Food Sci., 36: 81-87.
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In the present work supercritical fluid extraction with carbon dioxide was performed to obtain oil from quinoa seeds. The effects of extraction variables – namely pressure, temperature, time, particle size, and co-solvent, on supercritical carbon dioxide extraction are investigated. Total extraction yields and compositions using pure CO2 and CO2 + selected co-solvents are compared. The maximum recovery for quinoa oil is found to be about 89%, and is obtained when extractions are carried out at 25 MPa, 40°C for 80 minutes. A significant effect on the oil recovery is exerted by size reduction of seeds to a particle size ≤ 0.50 mm and addition of co-solvent to seed in an amount of 20% – methanol/ethanol (1 : 1, w/w). Irrespective of the extraction method and conditions, the fatty acid composition is not substantially changed.
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