Activity of natural radionuclide 210Pb in different foodstuffs in the Czech Republic and its annual intakeá M., Malátová I., Bečková V., Hůlka J. (2019): Activity of natural radionuclide 210Pb in different foodstuffs in the Czech Republic and its annual intake. Czech J. Food Sci., 37: 463-468.
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Activities of 210Pb in 18 sorts of foodstuffs were determined by radiochemical analysis. The lowest activity was found in carrots (0.01 Bq/kg) and cabbage (0.03 Bq/kg), the highest in banana (1.54 Bq/kg). The activity in potatoes, milk, wheat rolls, dairy products and beef was below the limit of detection. Annual intake of 210Pb by inhabitants of the Czech Republic was calculated using food basket and it was 117.7 Bq/year; without banana 101.2 Bq/year. It is higher than the average value given by UNSCEAR Report for the world as well as for Europe. The reason of this finding is discussed.

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