Evaluation and effect of rice bran and microwave heating on the physicomechanical properties of low-density polyethylene film and packaged milk quality


Dabash V., Burešová I., Grupa U. (2022): Evaluation and effect of rice bran and microwave heating on the physico-mechanical properties of low-density polyethylene film and packaged milk quality. Czech J. Food Sci., 40: 102–108.

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Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) film was developed with a mixture of reference LDPE and rice bran (RB). Three mixtures of 5, 10, and 15% RB were used for the LDPE film preparation. The films were analysed for the physico-mechanical properties before microwave heating (MH) and after MH and packaged milk quality was analysed regarding MH and pasteurisation. After MH, the physicomechanical properties of the material change significantly. LDPE film containing 15% RB was created to beat changes in tensile strength, elongation at break, bursting strength, and water vapour transmission rate (WVTR). The total migration of tested packaging materials was within the agreeable limit and after MH it also was within the permissible limit. Four different simulators were used to create food categories. These food simulators included distilled water, 3% acetic acid, 50% alcohol (ethanol), and n-heptane. The obtained results display that the total migration of food packages is dependent on the MH period, package material, and the simulator.

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