Correlation between wheat starch annealing conditions and retrogradation during storage K., Wang Y., Xu Y., Guo L., Du X. (2016): Correlation between wheat starch annealing conditions and retrogradation during storage. Czech J. Food Sci., 34: 79-86.
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The effects of annealing conditions on the degree of retrogradation (DR) in wheat starch were analysed by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and X-ray diffraction (XRD). Three annealing parameters were varied, namely moisture (50–90%), time (0.5–48 h), and temperature (35–50°C). These factors had different impacts on the DR. The results suggest that 25% (w/v) annealed wheat starch samples stored at 4°C for 7 days had smaller DR values than native wheat starch under the same storage conditions. XRD indicated that annealed wheat starches stored at 4°C for 7 days had fewer recrystallisations than native wheat starch. Optimised annealing conditions can be used to control the structural and mechanical properties of certain starch-based products, such as in the production of bread, since retrogradation results in staling and reduced digestibility.
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