Comparative study of physicochemical and hedonic response of ginger rhizome and leaves enriched patties

Tanweer S., Chughtai M.F.J., Zainab S., Mehmood T., Khaliq A., Junaid-Ur-Rahman S., Iqbal R., Liaqat A., Ahsan S., Ahmad Z., Shehzad A. (2021): Comparative study of physicochemical and hedonic response of ginger rhizome and leaves enriched patties. Czech J. Food Sci., 39: 402–409.

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The present investigation was an attempt to compare the phytoceutic potential of ginger rhizome and ginger leaves of the Suravi variety. For this purpose, both rhizome and leaves were dried and used for the preparation of patties. After that, patties were assessed for colour tonality, texture, total phenolic content and hedonic response such as colour, taste, flavour, texture and overall acceptability. The results depicted that L* and b* values changed significantly during the storage interval; however, b* value was also affected by treatments whilst L* and a* values did not impart any momentous effect. For texture, the highest value was observed for patties with ginger rhizome powder (0.067 ± 0.0032 N) followed by patties with ginger leaf powder (0.060 ± 0.0029 N) and then control patties (0.057 ± 0.0026 N). For total phenolic content (TPC), maximum phenolic contents were observed as 84.80 ± 3.31 mg GAE 100 g–1 in treatment T2 followed by 75.68 ± 2.95 mg GAE 100 g–1 in T1 and 61.70 ± 2.41 mg GAE 100 g–1 in T0. For hedonic response, all the parameters changed significantly during the storage interval; however, flavour, taste and overall acceptability changed momentously with treatments. The findings of the current investigation demonstrated that ginger leaves have a higher antioxidant potential as compared to the ginger rhizome and control patties, and they should be incorporated into food products.

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