Influence of thermal treatment on polyphenol extraction of wine cv. AndréŠevcech J., Vicenová Ľ., Furdíková K., Malík F. (2015): Influence of thermal treatment on polyphenol extraction of wine cv. André. Czech J. Food Sci., 33: 91-96.
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The extraction of polyphenols and colour parameter development of the grape variety André processed by thermal maceration techniques were examited. Comparing four different thermal maceration processes we have found out that the cold soak combined with classical maceration had the most significant effect on the extraction of total polyphenols and anthocyanins. Concentration of total phenols was more than 27% higher than in a thermovinificated sample. These techniques have also offered wines with the highest colour intensity. There was no considerable influence of maceration on the main products of ethanol fermentation but an effect on the concentration of total acids in wine was observed. In all cases fermentation caused a decrease of total phenols in André wines.
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