Simultaneous quantifications of four purine derivatives biomarkers in cow milk by SPE HPLC-DAD

Vlassa M., Filip M., Dragomir C. (2021): Simultaneous quantifications of four purine derivatives biomarkers in cow milk by SPE HPLC-DAD. Czech J. Food Sci., 39: 122–130.

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In this study, simultaneous quantification of allantoin, uric acid, xanthine, and hypoxanthine in cow milk by solid phase extraction (SPE) and high performance liquid chromatography-diode array detection (HPLC-DAD) method was perform. Five different SPE cartridges were tested in order to evaluate the isolation of purine derivatives (PD) from cow milk. Chromatography was carried out on ODS-2 Hypersil column and 0.05 M (NH4)2HPO4 buffer solution (pH = 7.76) as mobile phase. The HPLC-DAD validated method showed a linearity with regression coefficients higher than 0.999 and the limits of detection and quantification with values in the range 0.09–0.74 µg mL–1 and 0.27–2.24 µg mL–1, respectively. The method showed good precision with a relative standard deviation (RSD) below 4.48%, while the accuracy ranged from 95.34 to 104.47% for all analytes. The best recovery degree of PD by SPE were obtained on Strata SCX cartridge for xanthine (87.79%) and hypoxanthine (89.02%); on Strata NH2 for allantoin (35.09%) and on Strata C8 for uric acid (101.08%). Finally, the HPLC-DAD method with SPE on SCX cartridges was applied to quantify the PD in a batch of thirty cow milk samples.

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