Quality and nutritional properties of corn snacks enriched with nanofiltered whey powder

https://doi.org/10.17221/313/2015-CJFSCitation:Makowska A., Cais-Sokolińska D., Waśkiewicz A., Tokarczyk G., Paschke H. (2016): Quality and nutritional properties of corn snacks enriched with nanofiltered whey powder. Czech J. Food Sci., 34: 154-159.
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Corn snacks containing 0, 3, 5, and 10% of nanofiltered whey powder, obtained from the raw material of 12 and 14% moisture contents were analysed. Colour, texture, sensory properties, protein, available lysine, and acrylamide contents were determined in extrudates. When the whey powder content increased above 5%, the extrudate breaking force decreased and the colour became darker. The addition of 10% of whey powder resulted in lower scores for porosity, colour, taste, and overall desirability. Such a level of the addition caused a significant increase in protein and available lysine contents in extrudates, but unfortunately, the product had also significantly higher acrylamide content. In extrudates obtained from the raw material of 12% moisture the amount of acrylamide was higher and the amount of available lysine was lower than that in extrudates obtained from the raw material with 14% moisture content. From the nutritional point of view it is better to extrude the raw material of higher feed moisture with the addition of nanofiltered whey powder.
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