Validation of a UHPLC-ESI-MS/MS method for anthocyanidin quantification in potato tubers M., Eliasova M., Kotikova Z., Lachman J. (2017): Validation of a UHPLC-ESI-MS/MS method for anthocyanidin quantification in potato tubers. Czech J. Food Sci., 35: 223-228.
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The development of bioanalytical methods has become challenging due to sample complexity, requirements for method reliability, and speed of analysis with triple quadrupole LC-MS/MS used widely for the routine analysis of biological materials. The article presents the method development and validation results for pelargonidin and malvidin in potato tubers. The developed method uses a short C18 column, is able to measure all six common anthocyanidins, uses a binary mobile phase with acetonitrile and water both with added 1% formic acid, ESI ionisation in positive mode, 3-h hydrolysis with 2.7 M methanolic HCl at 90°C. For pelargonidin and malvidin, the method shows high recovery of 98–100%, intra-day repeatability of 6.7–17.9% (depending on the analyte and concentration level), uncertainty below 20%, and uses quadratic calibration.
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