Pork skin and canola oil as strategy to confer technological and nutritional advantages to burgers

https://doi.org/10.17221/67/2017-CJFSCitation:de Oliveira Fagundes D.T., Lorenzo J.M., dos Santos B., Fagundes M., Heck R., Cichoski A., Wagner R., Bastianello Campagnol P.C. (2017): Pork skin and canola oil as strategy to confer technological and nutritional advantages to burgers. Czech J. Food Sci., 35: 352-359.
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The effect of pork backfat replacement by gels containing pork skin and canola oil on some physicochemical, technological, nutritional, and sensory parameters of burgers was evaluated. Three different batches were manufactured: a control with 100% of pork backfat, and treatments T1 and T2 where 50% of pork backfat was replaced by pork skin/water/canola oil mixtures at 45 : 45 : 10 (T1) or 40 : 40 : 20 (T2) ratios. A fat reduction up to 34% and an improvement of the fatty acid profile were achieved in the reformulated burgers. Lower diameter reduction and lower cooking loss were observed in the modified samples. Although an increase in TPA parameters (hardness, gumminess, and chewiness) and lightness (L*) was observed, the overall acceptability of the reformulated burgers was not affected. Therefore, the use of pork skin and canola oil is an effective strategy to confer technological and nutritional advantages to low-fat burgers.
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