Effects of different pH, temperature and foils on aluminum leaching from baked fish by ICP-MS

https://doi.org/10.17221/85/2018-CJFSCitation:Inan-Eroglu E., Gulec A., Ayaz A. (2019): Effects of different pH, temperature and foils on aluminum leaching from baked fish by ICP-MS. Czech J. Food Sci., 37: 165-172.
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The effect of different type of fish, marination methods, temperature, and cooking time as well as foil type on Al leaching into baked fish, was determinated. Two fish types, Al foils, and marinating ingredients were procured from a hypermarket. Fish was cooked in the baking tray of oven, using two foil types, at 150°C for 40 min and at 200°C for 20 min. Al content was determined. It was found that increase in acidity caused significant increase in Al leaching. When the relationship between temperature-time and Al leaching based on meat type was analysed, it was found that when the temperature was increased the extent of Al leaching was higher in salmon. Even in the highest estimated weekly exposure to Al (1.228 ± 0.1631 mg/kg per week), Al PTWI suggested by JECFA was not exceeded. Although using different Al foil did not leach significant amounts of Al into the fish and exposure values of Al did not exceed the PTWI, exposure of Al from fish samples may be dangerous to vulnerable groups such as children, elderly and people with kidney disease.

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