Czech J. Food Sci., 20 (2002)

No. 6

Antioxidant activity of rye caryopses and embryos extracts
Karamać M., Amarowicz R., Weidner S., Abe S., Shahidi F.
Czech J. Food Sci., 20 (2002): 209-214abstractdownload PDF
Use of transglutaminase for improvement of quality of pastry produced by frozen-dough technology
Hozová B., Jančovičová J., Dodok L., Buchtová V., Staruch L.
Czech J. Food Sci., 20 (2002): 215-222abstractdownload PDF
Essential oil composition of Ocimum basilicum L. and Ocimum minimum L. in Turkey
Özcan M., Chalchat J.-C.
Czech J. Food Sci., 20 (2002): 223-228abstractdownload PDF
Effect of defatted soybean flour on the flavour of extruded mixtures with wheat flour
Pokorný J., Farouk Mansour A., Pudil F., Janda V.
Czech J. Food Sci., 20 (2002): 229-236abstractdownload PDF
Influence of the amount of rennet, calcium chloride addition, temperature, and high-pressure treatment on the course of milk coagulation
Landfeld A., Novotná P., Houška M.
Czech J. Food Sci., 20 (2002): 237-244abstractdownload PDF

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