Czech J. Food Sci., 23 (2005)

No. 5

Biosynthesis of food constituents: Saccharides. 2. Polysaccharides – a review
Velíšek J., Cejpek K.
Czech J. Food Sci., 23 (2005): 173-183abstractdownload PDF
Characteristics of fermented dough predicted by using the NIR technique
Jirsa O., Hrušková M.
Czech J. Food Sci., 23 (2005): 184-189abstractdownload PDF
The effects of the addition of baker’s yeast on the functional properties and quality of tarhana, a traditional fermented food
Çelik I., Ișik F., Simsek O., Gursoy O.
Czech J. Food Sci., 23 (2005): 190-195abstractdownload PDF
Possibility of increasing natural folate content in fermented milk products by fermentation and fruit component addition
HolasováM., Fiedlerová V., Roubal P., Pechačová M.
Czech J. Food Sci., 23 (2005): 196-201abstractdownload PDF
Antimutagenic effect of resveratrol
Langová M., Polívková Z., Šmerák P., Bártová J., Bárta I.
Czech J. Food Sci., 23 (2005): 202-208abstractdownload PDF
Biogenic amine content in sterilised and pasteurised long-term stored processed cheese
Komprda T., Novická K., Kalhotka L., Smělá D.
Czech J. Food Sci., 23 (2005): 209-216abstractdownload PDF

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