Czech J. Food Sci., 24 (2006)

No. 3

Biosynthesis of food constituents: Amino acids: 4. Non-protein amino acids – a review
J. Velíšek, R. Kubec, K. Cejpek
Czech J. Food Sci., 24 (2006): 93-109abstractdownload PDF
A study of the factors affecting the foaming properties of egg white – a review
K. Lomakina, K. Míková
Czech J. Food Sci., 24 (2006): 110-118abstractdownload PDF
Antimutagenic effect of genistein
Z. Polívková, M. Langová, P. Šmerák, B. Bártová, I. Bárta
Czech J. Food Sci., 24 (2006): 119-126abstractdownload PDF
PCR-based detection of cow’s milk in goat and sheep cheeses marketed in the Czech Republic
E. Mašková, I. Paulíčková
Czech J. Food Sci., 24 (2006): 127-132abstractdownload PDF
Study of factors affecting acrylamide levels in model systems
Z. Ciesarová, E. Kiss, E. Kolek
Czech J. Food Sci., 24 (2006): 133-137abstractdownload PDF
Rapid determination of methylmercury in fish tissues
P. Maršálek, Z. Svobodová
Czech J. Food Sci., 24 (2006): 138-142abstractdownload PDF
 Effect of plastic packages on benzo[a]pyrene concentration in sunflower oil
P. Šimko, B. Skláršová, P. Šimon, E. Belajová
Czech J. Food Sci., 24 (2006): 143-148abstractdownload PDF

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