Czech J. Food Sci., 26 (2008)

No. 4
Nourishing and health benefits of coenzyme Q10
M. Boreková, J. Hojerová, V. Koprda, K. Bauerová
Czech J. Food Sci., 26 (2008): 229-241abstractdownload PDF
Comparison of the phenolic content and total antioxidant activity in wines as determined by spectrophotometric methods
P. Stratil, V. Kubáň, J. Fojtová
Czech J. Food Sci., 26 (2008): 242-253abstractdownload PDF
Efficient extraction of caffeic acid derivatives from adventitious roots of Echinacea purpurea
C.H. Wu, H.N. Murthy, E.J. Hahn, H.L Lee, K.Y. Paek
Czech J. Food Sci., 26 (2008): 254-258abstractdownload PDF
Authenticity evaluation of tea-based products
H. Čížková, M. Voldřich, J. Mlejnecká, F. Kvasnička
Czech J. Food Sci., 26 (2008): 259-267abstractdownload PDF
Extraction of carrot (Daucus carota L.) carotenes under different conditions
M. Fikselová, S. Šilhár, J. Mareček, H. Frančáková
Czech J. Food Sci., 26 (2008): 268-274abstractdownload PDF
Characteristics of seed oils and nutritional compositions of seeds from different varieties of Momordica charantiaLinn.cultivated in Bangladesh
M.A. Ali, M.A. Sayeed, M.S. Reza, Mst.S. Yeasmin, A.M. Khan
Czech J. Food Sci., 26 (2008): 275-283abstractdownload PDF
Isolation and identification of a strain producing cold-adapted β galactosidase, and purification and characterisation of the enzyme
W.Y. Liu, Y.W. Shi, X.Q. Wang, K. Lou
Czech J. Food Sci., 26 (2008): 284-290abstractdownload PDF
Optimisation of the PCR method for the detection of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli in samples of ready-to-eat chicken meals
Z. Šabatková, K. Demnerová, J. Pázlarová
Czech J. Food Sci., 26 (2008): 291-297abstractdownload PDF
Biochemical alterations in white yam (Dioscorea rotundata Poir.) under triazole fungicides: impacts on tuber quality .
C.A. Jaleel, R. Gopi, R. Panneerselvam
Czech J. Food Sci., 26 (2008): 298-307abstractdownload PDF

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