Czech J. Food Sci., 27 (2009)

No. 5

Cheese meltability as assessed by the Tube Test and Schreiber Test depending on fat contents and storage time, based on curd-ripened fried cheese
Cais-Sokolińska D., Pikul J.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 27 (2009): 301-308abstractdownload PDF
Rheological properties of dough made from grain amaranth-cereal composite flours based on wheat and spelt
Grobelnik Mlakar S., Bavec M., Turinek M., Bavec F.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 27 (2009): 309-319abstractdownload PDF
Influence of glycation and pepsin hydrolysis on immunoreactivity of albumin/globulin fraction of herbicide resistant wheat line
Nagy A., Marciniak-Darmochwał K., Krawczuk S., Mierzejewska D., Kostyra H., Gelencsér É.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 27 (2009): 320-329abstractdownload PDF
Polyphenolic content and composition and antioxidative activity of different cocoa liquors
Radojčić Redovniković I., Delonga K., Mazor S., Dragović-Uzelac V., Carić M., Vorkapić-Furač J.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 27 (2009): 330-337abstractdownload PDF
Effects of blackcurrant and apple mash blending on the phenolics contents, antioxidant capacity, and colour of juices
Oszmiański J., Wojdyło A.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 27 (2009): 338-351abstractdownload PDF
Engineering rice based medium for production of lovastatin with Monascus species
Panda B.P., Javed S., Ali M.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 27 (2009): 352-360abstractdownload PDF
Enterococcus faecium growth model
Čermák P., Landfeld A., Měřička P., Houška M.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 27 (2009): 361-371abstractdownload PDF
Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis and M. a. avium detected by culture, IS900 and IS901 highly sensitive PCR in bulk tank milk from dairy herds in the Czech Republic between 2002 and 2004
Slaná I., Bartoš M., Roubal P., Babák V., Pavlík I.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 27 (2009): 372-378abstractdownload PDF
Occurrence of tetracycline, chlortetracycline, and oxytetracycline residues in raw cow’s milk
Navrátilová P., Borkovcová I., Dračková M., Janštová B., Vorlová L.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 27 (2009): 379-385abstractdownload PDF
SE-HPLC separation of myosin complex with tannins from bearberries (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi L. Sprengel) leaves – a short report.
Amarowicz R., Pegg R.B., Kosińska A.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 27 (2009): 386-391abstractdownload PDF

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