Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010)

No. 2

Texture and pasting properties of ultrasonically treated corn starch
I.L. Herceg, A.R. Jambrak, D. Šubarić, M. Brnčić, S.R. Brnčić, M. Badanjak, B. Tripalo, D. Ježek, D. Novotni, Z. Herceg
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 83-93abstractdownload PDF
New approach to the study of dough mixing processes
Z. Muchová, B. Žitný
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 94-107abstractdownload PDF
Extraction, purification, and characterisation of the flavonoids from Opuntia milpa alta skin
W. Cai, X. Gu, J. Tang
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 108-116abstractdownload PDF
Analysis and characterisation of anthocyanins in mulberry fruit
C. Qin, Y. Li, W. Niu, Y. Ding, R. Zhang, X. Shang
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 117-126abstractdownload PDF
Major and minor compounds in a Mexican spirit, young Mezcal coming from two Agave species.
A.M. Vera-Guzmán, R.I. Guzmán-Gerónimo, M.G. López
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 127-132abstractdownload PDF
Reliability of PCR based screening for identification and quantification of GMOs
J. Ovesná, L. Kučera, J. Hodek, K. Demnerová
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 133-138abstractdownload PDF
The influence of feeding diets containing white cheese, produced with prebiotics and the potentially probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum strain, on the gastrointestinal microflora of rats
M. Modzelewska-Kapituła, J. Kłobukowski, L. Kłębukowska, D. Wiśniewska-Pantak
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 139-145abstractdownload PDF
Antimicrobial effects of fatty acid fructose esters
T. Karlová, L. Poláková, J. Šmidrkal, V. Filip
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 146-149abstractdownload PDF
The effects of butylated hydroxyanisole, ascorbic acid, and α-tocopherol on some quality characteristics of mechanically deboned chicken patty during freeze storage
O. Ozer, C. Sariçoban
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 150-160abstractdownload PDF

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