Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010)

No. 2

Texture and pasting properties of ultrasonically treated corn starch
Herceg I.L., Jambrak A.R., Šubarić D., Brnčić M., Brnčić S.R., Badanjak M., Tripalo B., Ježek D., Novotni D., Herceg Z.: .
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 83-93abstractdownload PDF
New approach to the study of dough mixing processes
Muchová Z., Žitný B.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 94-107abstractdownload PDF
Extraction, purification, and characterisation of the flavonoids from Opuntia milpa alta skin
Cai W., Gu X., Tang J.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 108-116abstractdownload PDF
Analysis and characterisation of anthocyanins in mulberry fruit
Qin C., Li Y., Niu W., Ding Y., Zhang R., Shang X.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 117-126abstractdownload PDF
Major and minor compounds in a Mexican spirit, young Mezcal coming from two Agave species.
Vera-Guzmán A.M., Guzmán-Gerónimo R.I., López M.G.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 127-132abstractdownload PDF
Reliability of PCR based screening for identification and quantification of GMOs
Ovesná J., Kučera L., Hodek J., Demnerová K.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 133-138abstractdownload PDF
The influence of feeding diets containing white cheese, produced with prebiotics and the potentially probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum strain, on the gastrointestinal microflora of rats
Modzelewska-Kapituła M., Kłobukowski J., Kłębukowska L., Wiśniewska-Pantak D.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 139-145abstractdownload PDF
Antimicrobial effects of fatty acid fructose esters
Karlová T., Poláková L., Šmidrkal J., Filip V.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 146-149abstractdownload PDF
The effects of butylated hydroxyanisole, ascorbic acid, and α-tocopherol on some quality characteristics of mechanically deboned chicken patty during freeze storage
Ozer O., Sariçoban C.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 150-160abstractdownload PDF

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