Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010)

No. 5

'GAB' generalised equation as a basis for sorption spectral analysis
Blahovec J., Yanniotis S.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 345-354abstractdownload PDF
Kinetics of hydrolysis of egg white protein by pepsin
Ruan Ch.-Q., Chi Y.-J., Zhang R.-D.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 355-363abstractdownload PDF
Sodium chloride or heme protein induced lipid oxidation in raw, minced chicken meat and beef
Gheisari H.R., Møller J.K.S., Adamsen Ch.E., Skibsted L.H.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 364-375abstractdownload PDF
Biochemical parameters and oxidative resistance to thermal treatment of refined and unrefined vegetable edible oils
Vidrih R., Vidakovič S., Abramovič H.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 376-384abstractdownload PDF
The synergistic effect of daidzein and α-tocopherol or ascorbic acid on microsome and LDL oxidation
Wang H., Martin M.W., Yin S.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 385-391abstractdownload PDF
Effect of milk chocolate supplementation with lyophilised Lactobacillus cells on its attributes
Żyżelewicz D., Nebesny E., Motyl I., Libudzisz Z.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 392-406abstractdownload PDF
The modified CPEM (cooked potato effective mass) method: an instrumental assessment of potato sloughing
Hejlová A., Blahovec J.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 407-411abstractdownload PDF
Contents of major phenolic and flavonoid antioxidants in selected Czech honey
Lachman J., Hejtmánková A., Sýkora J., Karban J., Orsák M., Rygerová B.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 412-426abstractdownload PDF
Rapid detection of dimethyl yellow dye in curry by liquid chromatography-electrospray-tandem mass spectrometry
Tateo F., Bononi M., Gallone F.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 427-432abstractdownload PDF
The effects of rheological properties of wall materials on morphology and particle size distribution of microcapsule
Xie Y., Wang A., Lu Q., Hui M.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 433-439abstractdownload PDF
Occurrence of biogenic amines and amines degrading bacteria in fish sauce
Zaman M.Z., Bakar F.A., Selamat J., Bakar J..:
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 440-449abstractdownload PDF
Microbial contamination after sanitation of food contact surfaces in dairy and meat processing plants
Schlegelová J., Babák V., Holasová M., Konstantinová L., Necidová L., Šišák F., Vlková H., Roubal P., Jaglic Z.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 450-461abstractdownload PDF
Thermoelectric effect on potato tuber (Solanum tuberosum L.) – short communication
Vacková S., Vacek J.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 28 (2010): 462-464abstractdownload PDF

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