Czech J. Food Sci., 31 (2013)

No. 1

List of Reviewers – 2012
Czech J. Food Sci., 31 (2013): I-IIdownload PDF
Original Paper
 Comparison between thermal hydrolysis and enzymatic proteolysis processes for the preparation of tilapia skin collagen hydrolysates
w. Wang, Z. Li, J.-Z. Liu, Y.-J. Wang, S.-H. Liu, M. Sun
Czech J. Food Sci., 31 (2013): 1-4abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Antioxidant activity and mechanism of action of some synthesised phenolic acid amides of aromatic amines
E. Marinova, L. Georgiev, I. Totseva, K. Seizova, T. Milkova
Czech J. Food Sci., 31 (2013): 5-13abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
 Antibiotic resistance of enterococci, coagulase negative staphylococci and Staphylococcus aureus isolated from chicken meat
N.E. Yurdakul, Z. Erginkaya, E. Ünal
Czech J. Food Sci., 31 (2013): 14-19abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
 Effects of season and time of milking on spontaneous and induced lipolysis in bovine milk fat
R. Toušová, L. Stádník, J. Ducháček
Czech J. Food Sci., 31 (2013): 20-26abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Antimicrobial resistance of lactobacilli isolated from food
M. Dušková, R. Karpíšková
Czech J. Food Sci., 31 (2013): 27-32abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Dynamics of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural formation in shortbreads during thermal processing
S. Kowalski, M. Lukasiewicz, L. Juszczak, E.M. Kutyła-Kupidura
Czech J. Food Sci., 31 (2013): 33-42abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Detection of genetically modified soya, maize, and rice in vegetarian and healthy food products in Serbia
G. Zdjelar, Z. Nikolić, I. Vasiljević, B. Bajić, D. Jovičić, M. Ignjatov, D. Milošević
Czech J. Food Sci., 31 (2013): 43-48abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of several sanitisers for improving quality attributes of minimally processed Fragaria vesca strawberry
S. Nogales-Delgado, A.M. Fernández-León, J. Delgado-Adámez, M.T. Hernández-Méndez, D. Bohoyo-Gil
Czech J. Food Sci., 31 (2013): 49-54abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Isotachophoretic determination of glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate in dietary supplements
E. Václavíková, F. Kvasnička
Czech J. Food Sci., 31 (2013): 55-65abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Evaluation of physicochemical and sensory properties of ethanol blended with pear nectar
U. Pankiewicz, J. Jamroz
Czech J. Food Sci., 31 (2013): 66-71abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Investigating the effect of high hydrostatic pressure processing on anthocyanins composition of mulberry (Morus moraceae) juice
N.F. Engmann, Y.-K. Ma, X. Ying, Y. Qing
Czech J. Food Sci., 31 (2013): 72-80abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
 Filbertone as a marker for the assessment of hazelnut spread quality
H. Čížková, A. Rajchl, J. Šnebergrová, M. Voldřich
Czech J. Food Sci., 31 (2013): 81-87abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
 Improved detection of Ochratoxin A by marine bioluminescent bacteria V. harveyi BA
W. Wang, M. Zhang, J. Fang, L. Zhang, X. Zou, X. Wang
Czech J. Food Sci., 31 (2013): 88-93abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Low-pressure treatment to control food-infesting pests (Tribolium castaneum, Sitophilus granarius) using a vacuum packing machine
Z. Kučerová, K. Kýhos, R. Aulický, V. Stejskal
Czech J. Food Sci., 31 (2013): 94-98abstractdownload PDF

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