Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014)

No. 6

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CJFS 2014
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): I-XIIIdownload PDF
Original Paper
Lutein content in marigold flower (Tagetes erecta L.) concentrates used for production of food supplements
Šivel M., Kráčmar S., Fišera M.. Klejdus B., Kubáň V.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 521-525abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The influence of whey, whey component and malt on the growth and acids production of lactobacilli in milk
Horáčková Š., Sedláčková P., Sluková M., Plocková M.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 526-531abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
A nondestructive method for fish freshness determination with electronic tongue combined with linear and non-linear multivariate algorithms
Han F., Huang X., Teye E., Gu H., Dai H., Yao L.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 532-537abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Development and application of a new low cost electronic nose for the ripeness monitoring of banana using computational techniques (PCA, LDA, SIMCA and SVM)
Sanaeifar A., Mohtasebi S.S., Ghasemi-Varnamkhasti M., Ahmadi H., Lozano J.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 538-548abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Bioactive compounds content and total antioxidant activity of two savoy cabbages
Fernández-León M.A., Lozano M., González D., Ayuso M.C., Fernández-León M.F.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 549-554abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Moroydor Derun E., Piskin S.: Examination of the lemon effect on risk elements concentrations in herbal and fruit teas
Yalcin Gorgulu T., Kipcak A.S., Dere Ozdemir O.,
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 555-562abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Influence of ageing on changes in polyphenolic compounds in red wines
Balga I., Leskó A., Ladányi M., Kállay M.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 563-569abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The effect of bread-making process on contents of key trichothecene mycotoxins: deoxynivalenol, T-2, and HT-2 toxins
Dropa T., Hajšlová J., Lancová K., Burešová I.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 570-577abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Cooking and drying process optimisation of shea (Butyrospermum parkii) butter extraction
Dongmo S.N., Womeni H.M., Mbiapo F.T., Linder M., Fanni J., Zarnkow M., Becker T.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 578-584abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Modelling the kinetics of water loss during deep-fat frying of potato particulates
Huang P.-Y.H., Fu Y.-Ch.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 585-594abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Degradation of selected nutrients in sunflower oils during long-term storage
Vrbiková L., Schmidt Š., Kreps F., Tmáková L., Čertík M., Sekretár S.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 595-600abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Dual effects of whey protein isolates on the inhibition of enzymatic browning and clarification of apple juice
Yi J., Ding Y.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 601-609abstractdownload PDF

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