Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014)

No. 6

Original Paper
CJFS 2014
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): I-XIIIdownload PDF
Original Paper
Lutein content in marigold flower (Tagetes erecta L.) concentrates used for production of food supplements
Šivel M., Kráčmar S., Fišera M.. Klejdus B., Kubáň V.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 521-525abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The influence of whey, whey component and malt on the growth and acids production of lactobacilli in milk
Horáčková Š., Sedláčková P., Sluková M., Plocková M.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 526-531abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
A nondestructive method for fish freshness determination with electronic tongue combined with linear and non-linear multivariate algorithms
Han F., Huang X., Teye E., Gu H., Dai H., Yao L.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 532-537abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Development and application of a new low cost electronic nose for the ripeness monitoring of banana using computational techniques (PCA, LDA, SIMCA and SVM)
Sanaeifar A., Mohtasebi S.S., Ghasemi-Varnamkhasti M., Ahmadi H., Lozano J.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 538-548abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Bioactive compounds content and total antioxidant activity of two savoy cabbages
Fernández-León M.A., Lozano M., González D., Ayuso M.C., Fernández-León M.F.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 549-554abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Moroydor Derun E., Piskin S.: Examination of the lemon effect on risk elements concentrations in herbal and fruit teas
Yalcin Gorgulu T., Kipcak A.S., Dere Ozdemir O.,
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 555-562abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Influence of ageing on changes in polyphenolic compounds in red wines
Balga I., Leskó A., Ladányi M., Kállay M.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 563-569abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The effect of bread-making process on contents of key trichothecene mycotoxins: deoxynivalenol, T-2, and HT-2 toxins
Dropa T., Hajšlová J., Lancová K., Burešová I.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 570-577abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Cooking and drying process optimisation of shea (Butyrospermum parkii) butter extraction
Dongmo S.N., Womeni H.M., Mbiapo F.T., Linder M., Fanni J., Zarnkow M., Becker T.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 578-584abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Modelling the kinetics of water loss during deep-fat frying of potato particulates
Huang P.-Y.H., Fu Y.-Ch.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 585-594abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Degradation of selected nutrients in sunflower oils during long-term storage
Vrbiková L., Schmidt Š., Kreps F., Tmáková L., Čertík M., Sekretár S.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 595-600abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Dual effects of whey protein isolates on the inhibition of enzymatic browning and clarification of apple juice
Yi J., Ding Y.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 601-609abstractdownload PDF

No. 5

Original Paper
Different peach cultivars and their suitability for minimal processing
Fuentes-Pérez M.C., Nogales-Delgado S., Ayuso M.C., Bohoyo-Gil D.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 413-421abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Influence of cultivation conditions on the growth of Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium sp., and Streptococcus thermophiles, and on the production of organic acids in fermented milks
Chramostová J., Mošnová R., Lisová I., Pešek E., Drbohlav J., Němečková I.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 422-429abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Purification and characterisation of the bacteriocin produced by Lactobacillus plantarum, isolated from Chinese pickle
Zhou F., Zhao H., Bai F., Piotr D., Liu Y., Zhang B.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 430-436abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Proteomic analysis of wheat α/A- and β-gliadins
Dziuba M., Nałęcz D., Szerszunowicz I., Waga J
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 437-442abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Furan and alkylated furans in heat processed food, including home cooked products 
Fromberg A., Mariotti M.S., Pedreschi F., Fagt S., Granby K.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 443-448abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
A novel sorbent for solid-phase extraction coupling to high performance liquid chromatography for the determination of olaquindox in fish feed 
Zhao D., Shi Q.Y., He X., Zhang J.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 449-455abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Inspection of quince slice dehydration stages based on extractable image features
Jafari A., Bakhshipour A.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 456-463abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Yield stress and sensorial evaluation of soya yoghurts prepared from germinated soybeans
Landfeld A., Novotná P., Strohalm J., Rysová J., Houška M.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 464-469abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of cluster and berry thinning on Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon wines composition
Karoglan M., Osrečak M., Maslov L., Kozina B.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 470-476abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Optimisation of the antioxidant activity of kombucha fermented milk products
Malbaša R., Vitas J., Lončar E., Grahovac J., Milanović S.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 477-484abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The impact of moist corn grain preservation on the ethanol yield by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation, and on volatile by-products
Nowak J., Szambelan K., Nowak W.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 485-492abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of frying fat and preparation on carp (Cyprinus carpio) fillet lipid composition and oxidation
Sampels S., Zajíc T., Mráz J.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 493-502abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of process parameters on slowly digestible and resistant starch content in extrudates
Smrčková P., Saglamtas M., Hofmanová T., Koláček J., Chena D., Šárka E.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 503-508abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Differentiation between fresh and thawed chicken meat by the measurement of aconitase activity
Škorpilová T., Šimoniová A., Rohlík B.-A., Pipek P.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 509-513abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Relationship between intrinsic viscosity, thermal and retrogradation properties of amylose and amylopectin
Yu S., Xu J., Zhang Y., Kopparapu N.K.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 514-520abstractdownload PDF

No. 4

The phenomenon of Czech beer: a review 
Olšovská J., Čejka P., Sigler K., Hönigová V.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 309-319abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Gymnorhynchus gigas in Lepidopus caudatus (Actinopterygii: Perciformes: Trichiuridae): prevalence and related effects on fish quality
Giarratana F., Muscolino D., Beninati Ch., Ziino G., Giuffrida A., Trapani M., Panebianco A.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 320-325abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Enzymatically hydrolysed molasses and sodium citrate as new potentials for the improvement of canthaxanthin batch synthesis by Dietzia natronolimnaea HS-1: A statistical media optimisation 
Gharibzahedi S.M.T., Razavi S.H., Mousavi M.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 326-336abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Prevalence and growth dynamics of enterotoxinogenic Staphylococcus aureus isolates in Slovakian dairy products 
Medveďová A., Studeničová A., Valík Ľ., Horváthová Z.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 337-341abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Variations in the contents of vitamins A and E during the ripening of cheeses with different compositions
Revilla I., Lobos-Ortega I., Vivar-Quintana A., González-Martín M.I., Hernández-Hierro J.M., González-Pérez C.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 342-347abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Antioxidant activities of two novel synthetic methylbenzenediol derivatives 
Huang Y., Jiang Z., Liao X., Hou J., Weng X.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 348-353abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Elemental analysis of coffee: a comparison of ICP-MS and AAS methods 
Jarošová M., Milde D., Kuba M.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 354-359abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Phenolic compounds and antioxidant capacity of dried and candied fruits commonly consumed in Serbia 
Miletić N., Popović B., Mitrović O., Kandić M., Leposavić A.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 360-398abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Microwave assisted drying of banana: effects on reducing sugars and polyphenols contents 
Barba A.A., d’Amore M., Rispol M., Marra F., Lamberti G.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 369-375abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Preliminary study using visible and SW-NIR analysis for evaluating the loss of freshness in commercially packaged cooked ham and Turkey ham 
Girón J., Ivorra I., SánchezA.J., Fernández-Segovia I., Barat J.M., Grau R.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 376-383abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Elaboration of novel extraction procedure to reveal bioactive component profile of anthocyanin-rich plants 
Kiss A., Rapi S., Korozs M., Forgo P.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 384-390abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Development of new cereal-, pseudocereal-, and cereal-leguminous-based probiotic foods 
Kocková M., Valík Ľ.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 391-397abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Quality of cows’ milk from organic and conventional farming 
Kouřimská L., Legarová V., Panovská Z., Pánek J.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 398-405abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Agricultural distillates from Polish varieties of rye 
Pietruszka M., Szopa J.St.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 406-411abstractdownload PDF

No. 3

Potentials of probiotics in the treatment of food allergy – a review
Patel A., Shah N.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 205-212abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Evaluation of egg yolk colour 
Bovšková H., Míková K., Panovská Z.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 213-217abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Acid and alkaline hydrolysis extraction of non-extractabke polyphenols in blueberries optimisation by response surface methodology 
Cheng A., Yan H., Han C., Chen X., Wang W., Xie Ch., Qu J., Gong Z., Shi X.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 218-225abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of the way of cooking on contents of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids in filets of zander 
Gladyshev M.I., Sushchik N.N., Gubanenko G.A., Makhutova O.N., Kalachova G.S., Rechkina E.A., Malyshevskaya K.K.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 226-231abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
A role of reductones in the monitoring of sulphur dioxide content in wines during their maturation and storage 
Jančářová I.,JančářL., NáplavováA., Kubáň V.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 232-240abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Determination of volatiles in beer using solid-phase microextraction in combination with gas chromatography/mass spektrometry 
Kleinová J., Klejdus B.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 241-247abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Determination of mercury species in foodstuffs using LC-ICP-MS: the applicability and limitations of the method 
Koplík R., Klimešová I., Mališová K., Mestek O.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 249-259abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
A plate diffusion method for detecting fluoroquinolone residues in raw cow’s milk 
Navrátilová P., Vyhnálková J., Vorlová L., Jeřábková J.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 260-264abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Amino acid composition of enzymatically hydrolysed potato protein preparations
Pęksa A., Miedzianka J.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 265-272abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of cow energy status on the hypercholesterolaemic fatty acid proportion in raw milk 
Ducháček J., Stádník L., Ptáček M., Beran J., Okrouhlá M., Čítek J., Stupka R.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 273-279abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Identification and classification of bulk paddy, brown, and white rice cultivars with colour features extraction using image analysis and neural network 
Golpour I., ParianJ.A., Chayjan R.A.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 280-287abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Evaluation of wheat/non-traditional flour composite
Hofmanová T., Hrušková M., Švec I.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 288-295abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Utilisation of non-traditional forms of cereals in bakery production 
Laknerová I., Holasová M., Fiedlerová V., Rysová J., VaculováK., Mašková E., Ehrenbergerová J., Winterová R., Ouhrabková J., Dvořáček V., Martinek P.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 296-301abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Total, soluble, and insoluble dietary fibre contents of wild growing edible mushrooms 
Nile S.H., Park S.W.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 302-307abstractdownload PDF

No. 2

Original Paper
Composition, protein contents, and microstructural characterisation of grains and flours of emmer wheats (Triticum turgidum ssp. dicoccum) of the central Italy type
Giacintucci V., Guardeño L., Puig A., Hernando I., Sacchetti G., Pittia P.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 115-121abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Quantitative risk assessment of Bacillus cereus in pasteurised milk produced in the Slovak Republic
Ačai P., Valík Ľ., Liptáková D.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 122-131abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Direct identification of bifidobacteria from probiotic supplements
Bunešová V., Vlková E., Rada V., Hovorková P., Ročková Š., Kmeť V.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 132-136abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of ampicillin and vancomycin on Staphylococcus aureus biofilms
Pazlarová J., Purkrtová S., Babulíková J., Demnerová K.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 137-144abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Antilisterial activity of lactic acid bacteria against Listeria monocytogenes strains originating from different sources
Složilová I., Purkrtová S., Kosová M., Mihulová M., Šviráková E., Demnerová K.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 145-151abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Lactobacilli isolated from lump sheep’s cheeses and their antimicrobial properties
Smetanková J., Hladíková Z., Zimanová M., Greif G., Greifová M.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 152-157abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of replacing sucrose with fructose on the physico-chemical sensory characteristics of kinnow candy
Aggarwal P., Michael M.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 158-163abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Maillard product consumption and nitrogen digestibility in young and adult rats
Delgado-Andrade C., Roncero-Ramos I., Alonso-Olalla R., Seiquer I., Navarro M.P.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 164-168abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Concentrating n-3 fatty acids from crude and refined commercial salmon oil
Pando Ma E., Bravo B., Berrios M., Galdames A., Rojas C., Romero N., Camilo C., Encina C., Rivera M., Rodríguez A., Aubourg S.P.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 169-176abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
In vitro simulated digestion on the biostability of Hibiscus cannabinus L. seed extract
Wong Y.-H., Tan Ch.-P., Long K., Nyam K.-L.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 177-181abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Mixed vegetable juices acidified with sauerkraut juice and preserved using high pressure or heat pasteurisation treatments – nutritional and sensory evaluation
Gabrovská D., Ouhrabková J., Rysová J., Holasová M., Fiedlerová V., Laknerová I., Winterová R., Eichlerová E., Erban V., Strohalm J., Němečková I., Houška M.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 182-187abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
High pressure effects on the activities of cathepsins B and D of mackerel and horse mackerel muscle
Fidalgo L., Saraiva J.A., Aubourg S.P., Vázquez M., Torres J.A.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 188-193abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Analysis of quality labels included in the European Union quality schemes
Velčovská Š., Sadílek T.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 194-203abstractdownload PDF

No. 1

Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): I-IIdownload PDF
Original Paper
Changes produced in extra-virgin olive oils from cv. Coratina during a prolonged storage treatment
Baiano A., Terracone C., Viggiani I., Del Nobile M.A.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 1-9abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Influence of cultivar and storage of chicory (Cichorium intybus L.) plants on polyphenol composition and antioxidative potential
Sinkovič L., Hribar J., Vidrih R.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 10-15abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Common carp (Cyprinus caprio) and European catfish (Sillurus glanis) from the Danube River as sources of fat soluble vitamins and fatty acids
Stancheva M., Merdzhanova A., Dobreva D.A., Makedonski L.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 16-24abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Variability of characteristic components of aronia
Šnebergrová J., Čížková H., Neradová E., Kapci B., Rajchl A., Voldřich† M.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 25-30abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Discriminant analysis of Olomouc curd cheese by Fourier transform near infrared spectroscopy
Králová M., Procházková Z., Svobodová V., Mařicová E., Janštová B., Vorlová L.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 31-36abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Evaluation of ultraviolet, visible, and near infrared spectroscopy for the analysis of wine compounds
Martelo-Vidal M.J., Vázquez M.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 37-47abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Cyclodextrin production by Bacillus lehensis isolated from cassava starch: Characterisation of a novel enzyme
Blanco K.C., de Moraes F.F., Bernardi N.S., Vettori M.H.P.B., Monti R., Contiero J.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 48-53abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Anti-S. aureus and anti-List. monocytogenes molecules produced by cheese-isolated lactic acid bacteria
Lamberti C., Genovese F., Coisson J.D., Lobianco G., Cocolin L., Pessione E.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 54-60abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Lactic acid bacteria isolated from chicken carcasses with inhibitory activity against Salmonella spp. and Listeria monocytogenes
Sakaridis I., Soultos N., Batzios Ch., Ambrosiadis I., Koidis P.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 61-68abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Development of organic acids and volatile compounds in cider during malolactic fermentation
Zhao H., Zhou F., Dziugan P., Yao Y., Zhang J., Lv Z., Zhang B.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 69-76abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Influence of salts on selective coagulation of whey proteins and their application in the isolation of β-lactoglobulin
Hanušová J., Mihulová M., Diblíková L., Čurda L.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 77-81abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Changes of secondary structure and surface tension of whey protein isolate dispersions upon pH and temperature
Tomczyńska-Mleko M., Kamysz E., Sikorska E., Puchalski C., Mleko S., Ozimek L., Kowaluk G., Gustaw W., Wesołowska-Trojanowska M.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 82-89abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of temperature on the evolution of colour during the maceration of fruits in liquor
Paz I., Fernández A., Matías A., Pinto G.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 90-95abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Influence of storage at 4°C on the stability of high hydrostatic pressure treated onion
Vázquez-Gutiérrez J.L., Hernández-Carrión M., Quiles A., Hernando I.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 96-101abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Stability of fried olive and sunflower oils enriched with Thymbra capitata essential oil
Miguel M.G., Antunes M.D., Rohaim A., Figueiredo A.C., Pedro L.G., Barroso J.G.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 102-108abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Three-liquid-phase extraction and separation of capsanthin and capsaicin from Capsicum annum L.
Dang Y.-Y., Zhang H., Xiu Z.-L.:
Czech J. Food Sci., 32 (2014): 109-114abstractdownload PDF

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